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This has been a place where we get together to share our projects, talk about games, art, philosophy, and design. It’s been a bit quiet in here lately, but don’t worry we’re all up to great stuff still.

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Our personal sites are linked in the menu, and you can check out our bios below to see where else to keep up with our current projects.

Brianalana on FacebookBrianalana on InstagramBrianalana on TwitterBrianalana on Wordpress
is the webadmin here at The Crooked Thimble. She and Trick are keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. Their projects range from bi-weekly art livestreams, to small unity games.

"Spreadsheets and SQL are Magic and when I use them I feel like a damn wizard!"
Rachel on FacebookRachel on TwitterRachel on Wordpress
is the mind behind Stolen Fire. She is an author, editor, and game designer who has a strong interest in transmedia. You can check out her Vampire Novel or her work writing RPGs, and editing!
Ravensdale Publishing on FacebookRavensdale Publishing on Twitter
Ravensdale Publishing
Ravensdale Publishing has been touring the convention circuit with the awesome games they're working on, and are even putting together a comic! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch to keep up with the latest!
Trick Dempsey on TwitterTrick Dempsey on WordpressTrick Dempsey on Youtube
Trick Dempsey
When Trick isn't busy making games at Massive Entertainment or spilling words into a novel, he can be found with Briana keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. He recently put the finishing touches on their production of a lets play podcast using a light hack of the Dungeon World system.
Some day he will finish his visual novel inspired by The Yawhg.
The Inkeep on PinterestThe Inkeep on Twitter
The Inkeep
Just your friendly, fuzzy Innkeeper and host. Nothing unusual here.

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