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Producer Letter: Defiance Season 2 Kickoff

My fellow ark hunters,

It’s been an exciting year in Paradise. The Tarr family has expanded its operations into the Bay Area, Dark Matter operations in Tranquility have been thwarted, and now the thief, Josh Nolan, has been involved in the downfall of a Votan trafficking ring. Interesting times.

But there are more interesting times ahead.

Starting with the Gunslinger Trials, we began to drop hints of the dire events occurring in Silicon Valley. Von Bach Industries has research labs in the valley, but communication with these remote facilities has been disrupted for months now. It won’t be long before the troubles there come spilling out into the rest of the bay.

To give you an idea, here’s the state of one of the labs.

So, yeah. That can’t be good.

Now that the stage is set, our Season 2 storyline can begin in earnest. We’ve got a lot of content coming out over the next three months: new missions, new gear, a new vehicle, and a new landmass. The New Frontier will never be the same!

Season 2 Preview: The Grid

New enemy factions are coming to the Bay Area. When the Grid first appear, they’ll seem to be just another deadly curiosity on the New Frontier. In short order, however, they will become the focus of events that will embroil the bay in violence. You see, something bad is happening in the ark belt … and on our quiet planet below. As events in St. Louis and in San Francisco reveal startling similarities, you’ll realize no one will escape the conflict to come without sacrificing something they hold dear.

It’s a good thing that we’ve got a lot of fresh blood coming to the bay to face off against these new enemies. The NSFW update brought a horde of new ark hunters to Von Bach Industries’ Bay Area expedition. They may be a little green, but they are still hunting shoulder to shoulder with the best talent the bay has to offer.

If Paradise is to survive, it will need all the fresh blood the New Frontier can offer. Silicon Valley is overrun by the Grid, and a strange new cult has begun to take root in the bay. New missions, new battles, and new technology beckon brave souls to gamble with their lives. Whether for righteousness, fortune, or glory, it’s time to suit up, ark hunters, and battle your way into Season 2!

Good hunting!

Trick Dempsey
Creative Lead, Defiance

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