Bye Bye July

I’m going to cut straight to the chase. I’m having a housing crisis. It’s not: “oh god I’m homeless now.” But it’s getting to the point where I need to set aside my passion projects and make real money. I’m not giving up hope though. I know I can make my patreon and etsy dreams come true.

I was going to wait until I had full photos for five of my products before sending The Crooked Thimble live, but I don’t have the luxury to take that time anymore. Go forth, I’ve only got a couple things there, but maybe they’ll make you or someone you love’s day!

Sadly this whole needing a day job thing will really slow down my progress both in getting new etsy products up, and in getting things posted for my Patrons over at Patreon. I love you guys so much. I’m still going to start on a prompt every month, just stick with me if it takes a little longer to finish them now.

I wanted to post this week about how I’m getting more involved in the Larps I am a member of. About how excited I am to take up organizing for A47, and start helping Records over at Dying Kingdoms, and what all that means. But right now, I’m honestly afraid that I wont have time for those commitments, and etsy, and patreon, and this blog. Honestly I’m really afraid in general right now.

I want to keep doing what I’ve been doing, but I can’t do that without a lot more support, and a lot more commissions.

Any help or support you can give would be amazing.


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is the webadmin here at The Crooked Thimble. She and Trick are keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. Their projects range from bi-weekly art livestreams, to small unity games. "Spreadsheets and SQL are Magic and when I use them I feel like a damn wizard!"
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