Nobody’s Business Audiobook: Chapter 1 – A New Kind of Murder

No new blog post this week, folks. Instead, I have a special treat for you: the first chapter of my premier novel, Nobody’s Business, produced in an audiobook format.

I recommend listening to the whole novel in order, which can be found here:

You can also read along with the posts here:



A New Kind of Murder

“Detecting is detestable work,” Bogart muttered as he sniffed the crowded air of the too quiet house.

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When Trick isn't busy making games at Massive Entertainment or spilling words into a novel, he can be found with Briana keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. He recently put the finishing touches on their production of a lets play podcast using a light hack of the Dungeon World system. Some day he will finish his visual novel inspired by The Yawhg.
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