Crooked Thimble Presents: Pile of Shame

Hello gentle readers! With the gift giving season just behind us, and a new year approaching rapidly, my good friends Trick and Briana have started on their new years resolution early: To play Every unplayed game in their Steam Library – their Pile of Shame.

Audio Recorded in house by Briana and Trick Dempsey, Music by Wes Otis of Platemail Games.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some wrapping paper and ribbons to collect for my nest, before it’s all thrown out.

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  1. Oh Right, I almost forgot! We want to hear what you think! Have you got any games you’ve been meaning to play? Have you played either of these games? Did you love them? Hate them?
    Do you have any left over holiday cookies?!

  2. What game should I play next? I’ve got a few options:
    1. Alien: Isolation – In space, no one can hear Trick scream
    2. Her Story – Piecing together a single story from archival video footage
    3. Shadowrun Returns – Revival of a beloved RPG franchise
    4. Risk of Rain – An action Roguelike

  3. So good to hear your voices!

    I actually played HammerFight, long long ago. It gets worse! So much worse! Because once you have better weapons (SWORDS!) and some armor (which is slightly better than no armor!), it takes them away, gives you a croquet mallet [A STICK!], and throws super-hard enemies at you! So basically, don’t play HammerFight.

    Shadowrun Returns is good! So play Alien: Isolation >:D

    • Why am I not surprised that HammerFight would pull that bait and switch. /facepalm

      I’m really torn between suggesting Her Story, or Alien Isolation. On the one hand, innovative and like no other game I’ve heard of yet, and on the other Trick’s sweet terrified screams when the alien finds him… but then I’m not sure Cohosts get a vote 🙂

      On the other hand I will be checking cave story off my list next!

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