RogueLife Episode 17.0 – Count Harrison!

We continue playing the pre-release build of Slayer Shock, an upcoming game from David Pittman at Minor Key Games. It’s up on Steam Greenlight right now, and you should check it out.

On today’s episode, we discover the BIG BAD, and he, too, discovers us! Will Count Harrison spell our doom? Don’t COUNT on it… GET IT?

I’ll show myself out…

Slayer Shock on Greenlight:
David Pittman’s Blog:
Minor Key Games:



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About Trick Dempsey

Maybe you know him as a guy with terrible hair and a made up name, or maybe you know him as the Creative Lead of the Defiance game. Perhaps you even know him as the author of Nobody’s Business. If any of those are the case, then be prepared to hear plenty about games, media, and the worlds created by individuals or groups. If you’ve never heard of any of those things… be prepared for the same, but don’t expect anything from this point forward to make a lick of sense.
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