Iron Immortals Episode 009: The Shattering at Harrasreika, Pt. 6

When we left our heroes, Isolde and Kaija had just shattered the titan of Harrasreika in the hidden underground cavern within the mott. The lights have snuffed out, and creatures skulk and snarl in the darkness. Reed has tumbled down down down into the pit beneath the arena. Her vision swims into darkness as terrible, glowing tiger-sized worms crawl to devour her.

Who will live and who will die when the titan shatters at Harrasreika?

Adventure Moves inspired by The Sprawl

Iron Immortals Class Sheets:

Iron Immortals Setting Primer:

Game Master: Trick Dempsey (@trickdempsey on Twitter)
Players: Briana Dempsey (@BrianaNDempsey on Twitter), Bob Poteete (@RobertPoteete on Twitter), Hannah Garbacz (@CindersElla on Twitter).

Game System: Dungeon World!

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Music Credits:

Nothern City’s Secret by Sergey Cheremisinov –

Moonlight by Sergey Cheremisinov –

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About Trick Dempsey

When Trick isn't busy making games at Massive Entertainment or spilling words into a novel, he can be found with Briana keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. He recently put the finishing touches on their production of a lets play podcast using a light hack of the Dungeon World system. Some day he will finish his visual novel inspired by The Yawhg.
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