Iron Immortals Episode 014: No fluid exchange with the dead, please.


As our heroes rush through the Verdwood, they are ambushed at Sapstring Ridge. In the bitter-cold rain, they struggle for their lives against unfeeling, masked opponents. Anton, Riku, and Tristran were meant to provide aid, but will they be mere burdens? How heavy will the guilty conscience weigh should one of these brave souls fall prey to the forest’s predators?

Reed endures, Isolde stomps, and Kaija conducts a strange interview.

Adventure Moves inspired by The Sprawl

Iron Immortals Class Sheets:

Iron Immortals Setting Primer:

Game Master: Trick Dempsey (@trickdempsey on Twitter)
Players: Briana Dempsey (@BrianaNDempsey on Twitter), Bob Poteete (@RobertPoteete on Twitter), Hannah Garbacz (@CindersElla on Twitter).

Game System: Dungeon World!

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Music Credits:

Moonlight by Sergey Cheremisinov –

Labyrinth by Sergey Cheremisinov –

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About Trick Dempsey

Maybe you know him as a guy with terrible hair and a made up name, or maybe you know him as the Creative Lead of the Defiance game. Perhaps you even know him as the author of Nobody’s Business. If any of those are the case, then be prepared to hear plenty about games, media, and the worlds created by individuals or groups. If you’ve never heard of any of those things… be prepared for the same, but don’t expect anything from this point forward to make a lick of sense.
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