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Is where we get together to share our projects, talk about games, art, philosophy, and design. If you share a passion for discourse, games, beautiful things, and delicious food, pull up a chair at our metaphoric tap room and stay a while!

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Who We Are

The Inkeep on PinterestThe Inkeep on Twitter
The Inkeep
Just your friendly, fuzzy Innkeeper and host. Nothing unusual here.
Brianalana on FacebookBrianalana on PinterestBrianalana on TwitterBrianalana on Wordpress
is the web-admin for The Crooked Thimble. She designs and fabricates costumes to help dreams come true. She's a bachelor of psychology, novice programmer, and freelance artist.
Check out her shop on Etsy
Rachel on FacebookRachel on TwitterRachel on Wordpress
is the mind behind Stolen Fire. She is an author, gamer, and game designer in Los Angeles who has a strong interest in transmedia. Her novel Rain of Ash is available at Smashwords.
Ravensdale Publishing on BloggerRavensdale Publishing on FacebookRavensdale Publishing on Twitter
Ravensdale Publishing

Based out of southern California, this husband-and-wife team is all about gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, anime, and many other geeky pursuits. Ben and Sarah play a lot of games. No, seriously - a LOT of games! They love the dynamics of board games, the stories of role-playing games, the instant gratification of video games, all of it! As such, when they find games that don't quite strike their fancy, they like to talk about what they were expecting from the game, and how they could design a game to meet those expectations.
Trick Dempsey on TwitterTrick Dempsey on WordpressTrick Dempsey on Youtube
Trick Dempsey
Maybe you know him as a guy with terrible hair and a made up name, or maybe you know him as the Creative Lead of the Defiance game. Perhaps you even know him as the author of Nobody’s Business. If any of those are the case, then be prepared to hear plenty about games, media, and the worlds created by individuals or groups.

If you’ve never heard of any of those things… be prepared for the same, but don’t expect anything from this point forward to make a lick of sense.

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