is the webadmin here at The Crooked Thimble. She and Trick are keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. Their projects range from bi-weekly art livestreams, to small unity games. "Spreadsheets and SQL are Magic and when I use them I feel like a damn wizard!"

Sedia and Laurentius

Illustration of my Elder Scrolls Online character Sedia, and the man who convinced her to become an assassin. Their relationship trajectory could be described as: friends to lovers to enemies to frenemies. So not what anyone would call a healthy relationship, but it is very fun to draw them with a lot of metaphorical and… Continue Reading

Still Life March 2019

Maybe someday I’ll settle on a style. This still life practice is heavily simplified from a super lovely photo from alenadanko on instagram. If you dig still life photography with a lot of atmosphere, elegance, vintage and shabby-chic styling, … Continue Reading

My First Inktober

The things I will be physically doing for Inktober: Making a “finished” drawing every day. Be drawing a heck of a lot of hornedworms. trying to upload these drawings every day, or at least once a week. tweeting about these drawings every day, or at least once a week. The thing I’m hoping to get… Continue Reading