is the webadmin here at The Crooked Thimble. She and Trick are keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. Their projects range from bi-weekly art livestreams, to small unity games. "Spreadsheets and SQL are Magic and when I use them I feel like a damn wizard!"

Site Scouting

While we all wait for my business name and all that to become fully licensed and legal, I’m getting everything sorted to finally finish my Etsy shop. That means I need photos, lots of them. Sadly I live in a nice shady apartment; I never get good enough lighting from the[…] Continue Reading

It Was Cold That Day Too.

Oof! Last week was a doozy. Digging in to the legal shenanigans of starting my bespoke costumes and props business turned out to be Way more time consuming than I originally anticipated. This has slowed everything down, both my writing and my crafting. Rest assured the slow down is almost[…] Continue Reading