When Trick isn't busy making games at Massive Entertainment or spilling words into a novel, he can be found with Briana keeping the Crooked Thimble name alive over on Patreon. He recently put the finishing touches on their production of a lets play podcast using a light hack of the Dungeon World system. Some day he will finish his visual novel inspired by The Yawhg.


At first, we only helped Humans. Soon, though, we took all kinds. We kept marching, like a city with feet, toward Calgary and Winnipeg. Both were gone. Finally, as we neared Chicago, we found her signal. Funny – we probably would have stopped there, settled down … and missed Azumi. Left her holed up with the staff at VBI, transmitting into the dark, hoping that her father would come. Continue Reading


It’s been quite a journey since the launch of Defiance earlier this year, and the recent release of the Castithan Charge pack. With the team’s move to Trion Redwood Shores just about complete, we have the opportunity to make Defiance into the gameplay beast that it always promised to be. Shooting, driving, and chasing down arkfalls are each entertaining as hell, and that’s a great foundation to build upon. Defiance has incredible potential, and it is going to reach that potential come hell or waters that are high. Continue Reading

Mission of Bad-Ass: The problem of cross-disciplinary communication.

Mission of Bad-Ass: The problem of cross-disciplinary communication.
An Article by Trick Dempsey

We watched the screen in amazement as the player leaped skillfully from platform to platform tearing pieces of his giant, mechanical opponent. After one final, devastating blow, the titanic mecha-fiend toppled to the ground in a cloud of dust and debris.

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