Inspiring Starlight Dale – Episode 1: Duskers


This week’s update involved a lot of bug hunting and behind-the-scenes restructuring. This is problematic to show on video – even with my loose interpretations of “show – so we’re doing something a little different this week.

I’d like to introduce all of y’all to Duskers. It’s a phenomenal game from Misfit’s Attic. You should totes check it out on their website:!

Next week I should be able to show the stellar exploration component I began working on this week, and I may be able to demonstrate why one particular backend fix is so cool.

We’ll be posting some more of these Inspiration videos as we go forward. Chances are, if you like the work that we do, you’ll enjoy these as well. And these games are already out. Bonus!

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The Path of Peace – Development Log



Wow, this game is really… GROWING!


The first pass of crop growing is in, and now the game persists from session to session. The full economic loop of the game is nearing completion. Once that loop is full, I can start expanding on the available items, add the conversation system, and greatly improve the whole exploration element.

Next week, I’ll be putting in money and – much to Ginrei’s surprise – real shopping. This should even give us a place to get more seeds, since that is currently all done from debug commands.

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Ginrei Goes Shopping – Development Log


It’s been a busy week here at the Thimble. Our stellar engineer(s) and designers(s) have really given it their all. So much all that it almost seems like they’re not all the same one person.

Next week, I’m going to take a first swing at growing some crops, improving interaction clarity, and maybe storing information between sessions.

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Among Rogues: Suspense, Boredom, and Neuroscience


Quintin Smith created a video a while back about the magical impact that the empty spaces of Sunless Sea have upon the game. Minutes – WHOLE MINUTES – of the game are spent crossing vast, near featureless distances between islands. Quinns ruminates on the importance of this empty space and rightly compares it to the grind found in many role-playing games.

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The Art of the NPC: Notes from a WyrdCon Panel

Over the weekend, I was privileged to attend the sixth iteration of WyrdCon, a convention focused on interactive storytelling (live-action roleplay, transmedia, and the potential of games as storytelling media). I was even further privileged to run a guided discussion…
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