New Podcast Preview Episode (Part 1)!

Hello, everyone!  We are extremely excited to release Part 1 of our preview episode for Ravensdale Ramblings, our new podcast!

We have a few different plans for content as we move forward, but generally speaking we’ll be discussing board game design, focusing on things like mechanics, balance, theme, and even some of the more terrestrial stuff like manufacturing and shipping costs just to mix it up.

We’ll also be inviting guest designers to interview, along with fans of our games and friends of the company, to get different perspectives on what makes games of all kinds fun for people of all kinds.

While the preview episode lacks any fancy intro music or “hooks”, we will be ramping up and adding that stuff as we go.  In the meantime, we love to get feedback on what we’re doing, so we hope you’ll listen, like, share, and comment for Part 1 (Part 2 will be uploaded in a few days).

As always, thanks for being awesome and for tuning in!


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We’re Hiring!

Specifically, we’re looking for someone to assist us with social media outreach for our games, upcoming events, and other projects. As much as we love interacting with all of our fans and followers, we’re not the most social media savvy and we tend to … Continue Reading

Iron Immortals: The First Arc

Iron Immortals: The First Arc

“I sometimes have regrets.” – Impediment Reed

Our first arc of the Iron Immortals podcast has been an amazing experience. The last time I regularly ran RPG game sessions was back when I was working on Red Dead Redemption down in San Diego. That campaign died, however, when the regular 80-hour work weeks sent me to the hospital for the second time. If I tried to do more than sleep and work, I would collapse. I just lacked the fortitude to go on.

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