Iron Immortals Episode 017: Quick! Someone Taste my Ooze!

Sunrise rouses our heroes after their long, terrible night. They have one chance to nurse their wounds before they must venture deeper in the dark of the Verdwood. Soon, they will reach Semel Atsum and foil the plans of Jeanne Arquebus.

In the meantime though, they face the morning, and mornings are a time for consequences.

Reed oozes. Kaija oozes. Isolde undertakes a foolish experiment.

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Iron Immortals Episode 015: Informed Consent! What’s that?

Recovering from their ambush at Sapstring Ridge, our heroes make camp in the deadly Verdwood. They tend to their wounds, pay heed to the demands of their faiths and cultures, and discover danger hiding in their very midst. Who’s been keeping secrets? What dangers do those secrets bring?

Isolde interrogates, Kaija goes on a walk, and Reed makes a sacrifice.

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Iron Immortals Episode 014: No fluid exchange with the dead, please.


As our heroes rush through the Verdwood, they are ambushed at Sapstring Ridge. In the bitter-cold rain, they struggle for their lives against unfeeling, masked opponents. Anton, Riku, and Tristran were meant to provide aid, but will they be mere burdens? How heavy will the guilty conscience weigh should one of these brave souls fall prey to the forest’s predators?

Reed endures, Isolde stomps, and Kaija conducts a strange interview.

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Iron Immortals Episode 013: Which of you is the least lucky?


Our heroes return to the Verdwood at the bidding of their now much-less-mysterious benefactor, Sir Dagmar Karppinen and the True Originalist “Truthseekers”. Though, our heroes do not embark on this journey alone. Alone or not, the woods are listening, and they will take their toll.

Kaija shoots. Isolde casts. Reed makes a peculiar decision.

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Iron Immortals: The First Arc

Iron Immortals: The First Arc

“I sometimes have regrets.” – Impediment Reed

Our first arc of the Iron Immortals podcast has been an amazing experience. The last time I regularly ran RPG game sessions was back when I was working on Red Dead Redemption down in San Diego. That campaign died, however, when the regular 80-hour work weeks sent me to the hospital for the second time. If I tried to do more than sleep and work, I would collapse. I just lacked the fortitude to go on.

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Iron Immortals Fan Art!


The Iron Immortals series has been quite an endeavor, and it’s done a lot to reinvigorate my creativity. I’ve already written about that on our Patreon page.

Today, I want to call attention to the incredible work from one of our fans: Anna LaValley.

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Iron Immortals Episode 012: Hand Signals for Gumbo

Our heroes finally meet their mysterious benefactor and are faced with a terrible decision. Do they do as they have promised and seek out the perpetrator of the Messertag murders, or do they face a new challenge before it grows to endanger the whole of the Empire?

Reed makes an entrance. Kaija makes a friend. Isolde makes an unusual call.


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Iron Immortals Episode 011: Does Isolde Snore

Fragment of the titan in hand, Kaija, Islode, and Impediment have only a scant few hours before their plot is discovered. They need to skip town and fast. However, Reed has other plans.

Reed endangers the party. Kaija tracks. Isolde takes an unexpected nap.


Adventure Moves inspired by The Sprawl

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Game Master: Trick Dempsey (@trickdempsey on Twitter)
Players: Briana Dempsey (@BrianaNDempsey on Twitter), Bob Poteete (@RobertPoteete on Twitter), Hannah Garbacz (@CindersElla on Twitter).

Game System: Dungeon World!

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